We love keeping it local – we don’t want to create food miles by shipping organic apples from New Zealand, instead we try and stick to North West America and Canada – alright wise guy, bananas do have to come from the tropics and oranges sometimes have to come from a little further away in their off season, but we do try to stay local where we can – local produce just tastes better too.

Once a week, we give all our left over fruit and snacks to The Dugout, a drop-in centre for the homeless of the DTES.

We deliver all over the Greater Vancouver area using electric tricycles for our down town offices, and electric hybrid vehicles for further out. We offer free delivery to down town offices, and there is zero tax on our produce. There is nothing to pay upfront, you can pay at the end of your first month, risk free. We take away your old ink-free cardboard boxes and recycle or reuse the clean ones.  If you ever find any item you don’t like, just let us know, and it’s gone from your bill, no questions asked.

Fed up with just apples, oranges, and bananas? Stop! We select the mix for you, and keep changing it every week so your office fruit stays exciting. Our varieties change with the seasons and we include anything from grape tomatoes, cherries, summer stone-fruits, dried fruits, berries and even vegetable snack packs in the winter. Should your delivery day fall on a holiday, we will be there the day after with your fruit and snacks!

Get in touch today to see how we can make your office a fruitfull office.

Where do you deliver?

Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, Langley, Coquitlam.


How do I setup a regular delivery?

Really easily. Just fill out the order form or send us an email to inquiry@fruitfulloffices.ca  Let us know which fruit box you would like and how often. We don’t charge you a deposit for a plastic tote, however if the tote is not returned, we do charge $25. We use recyclable cardboard boxes for our fruit deliveries. There is nothing to pay until the end of your first month with us, so you can start risk free. See payment options below.


Can I customize my fruit box?

You sure can. We can ditch the pears and add more oranges, we can send you a whole box of apples. We can even send half a box of fruit, and half a box of snacks. Just email us to let us know what you want to order… inquiry@fruitfulloffices.ca


Isn’t it cheaper to buy fruit from the local supermarket?

We are about the same price. However, we can almost certainly guarantee that it won’t be of the same quality as ours. Supermarkets end up storing their produce for ages in their storage facilities. We never store fruit. We buy direct from wholesale on the morning of your delivery so it is as fresh as can be. If you’re buying fruit already for the office and it’s of low quality, it’s because your supplier is storing it for a long time before serving it to you.

Our fruit also goes through numerous quality control checks both in the buying and packing stages. With lesser quality fruit you’ll probably end up throwing some of it out. Add to this your own time in choosing the fruit, the delivery cost (or back pain!) of getting the fruit back to the office, and the time it takes to place the fruit in appropriate reciprocals (and then wash the reciprocals) in your office, and you will quickly see how using an all-inclusive service like ours is the most cost-effective long-term solution for your office.

Your business should focus on what it does best, and leave less important things like fruit (at least to you) – to us!


We have an office canteen, why should I buy a fruit box?

From our experience and feedback from clients, fruit is not regularly eaten by staff unless it is within easy reach i.e. in the workplace area or floor kitchen. Most people who go down to the canteen are more likely to buy coffee and a muffin, or some bad office food, than a piece of fruit. The objective of a fruit initiative is to ensure that staff eat fruit regularly – otherwise the health benefits are lost.


How do you guarantee consistent premium fruit?

Our fruit buying team hand-select our fresh fruit from the fruit markets before the break of dawn every morning. We carefully select our fruit mix to ensure it is of premium quality, has great taste and is at the “breaking point of ripeness”.

At the Fruitfull Offices pack house, we prepare the fruit to make it convenient for the workplace e.g. we separate the bananas and grapes into individual portions. This prevents the hoarding of fruit by certain more eager employees! All the fruit is checked for quality issues before being included in the boxes. We understand that we transport a fresh project, and sometimes things do go wrong. All our fruit is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you find a problem, it’s gone from your bill.


What payment options are available?

We invoice monthly by email using Squareup, a secure online invoicing platform owned by Twitter. Should you wish to pay the account on-line, we will email a Square on-line invoice to you once a month (around the 23rd) with 7 days to pay your balance – you simply enter your card details and Square will automatically send you a receipt. If you wish for us to bill you automatically, Square now has the option to save your card details so we can bill you every month without us seeing your card details. We also accept EFT, e-transfer, cheques and cash. Payment instructions are clearly labelled on our invoices. We accept all major credit cards subject to a 3.5% + 15c. transaction charge. Delivery staff also accept card payments on their cell phones and they can pickup cash and cheques from you at the time of delivery.


Am I locked into a contract or can I change or stop my order?

We do not want you to be tied into a service which does not suit you. For this reason, we have NO fixed contracts. Instead, we only ask you to agree to our simple terms and conditions which include the following clauses:

Should you ever wish to change your order, we only ask that you give us 48 hours notice. For example, you may wish to pause the orders on a certain day because your team is off on an “away day”.

Should you ever wish to stop your order altogether, we only ask that you continue your office fruit and snack deliveries until the end of the month you are currently in (which is a maximum period of about 4 weeks at any one time).