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  • Does your office recycle it’s waste?

    Does your office recycle it’s waste? Get EcoAction in your office. Metro Vancouver has implemented a new bylaw banning all food scraps from the garbage stream. This means that every residence and every business in the Metro Vancouver area is now required to have an organic recycling program. EcoAction can help you with this. Metro Vancouver Greenest City Bylaw […]

  • Which is your favourite superfood?

    Why are super foods so super? Blueberries The blueberry is an antioxidant powerhouse. That deep blue colour is related to high amounts of phytonutrients called anthocyanidins. These phytonutrients aid in the process of neutralizing free radical damage in our cells. Overtime, the collagen matrix of our tissues and cells begins to deteriorate. Blueberries help to […]

  • Organic Farming Is Not Sustainable

    More labour with lower yields is a luxury only rich populations can afford.  By Dr. HENRY I. MILLER   You may have noticed that the organic section of your local supermarket is growing. Advocates tout organic-food production—in everything from milk and coffee to meat and vegetables—as a “sustainable” way to feed the planet’s expanding population. The […]

  • Confirmed: Organic a waste of cash

    Are organic businesses lying to us? To buy organic or not to buy organic? That is the question. Will your organic kale be healthier, more tasty, and pesticide-free? Apparently, the answer is a resounding NO. And, according to a a new report by Quartz, spending extra cash on anything “organic” isn’t worth it—at all. To be frank, an organic label has basically […]

  • Five-a-day: what counts towards it?

    Five-a-day: what counts towards it? COUNTS Fresh fruit and vegetables Beans and pulses. These count as only one portion, no matter how many you eat Frozen fruit and vegetables Tinned or canned fruit and vegetables (buy ones that come in natural juice or water, with no added sugar or salt) A 30g portion of dried […]

  • Fruit beneficial to pregnant women

    Fruit when pregnant leads to smarter kids. Eating a generous amount of fruit during pregnancy may help your baby be able to score better on development tests. Regular consumption of fruit is known to reduce a variety of health complications such as Alzheimer’s or preventing weight gain but now new research has suggested that we may benefit from a […]

  • Bananas will not be extinct in 10 years

    Will your children be able to try bananas? Once again, the ecological doomsday bell has been set to tolling, this time by folks fearful of the imminent demise of our favourite fruit, the banana. In January 2003, a report in New Scientist suggested bananas could well disappear within ten years thanks to two blights: black […]

  • Fruit eaters lower risk of breast cancer

    Fruit may lower the risk of breast cancer. A study reports that high fruit consumption during adolescence may be associated with lower breast cancer risk, while another study finds that increasing alcohol intake in later life is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Fruit and vegetables are thought to protect against breast cancer, but the […]

  • Eating fruit makes you beautiful

    Eating fruit and vegetables makes you more attractive. Yet another reason to get your five-a-day: a new study has found that women who eat more fresh produce have a healthier and more attractive glow than those who eat less. If you’ve been spending a small fortune on make-up to get a healthy summer glow, it […]

  • Organic vs Conventional

    Mythbusting 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Agriculture. by Christie Wilcox  Myth #1: Organic Farms Don’t Use Pesticides When the Soil Association, a major organic accreditation body, asked consumers why they buy organic food, 95% of them said their top reason was to avoid pesticides. They, like many people, believe that organic farming involves little to […]

  • Pedal Power for down town

    Cargo trike to shift fruit and snacks. We’ve started using electric cargo trikes to shift fruit and snacks to our down town customers. They trikes are already used by another company for takeout food delivery, so we just had to get in on the eco-friendly transport option. Have you seen our fruit trike whizzing around […]

  • postscroll

    Our new favourite website

    A fruitfull website. Probably the best website we have ever seen regarding fruit. The page features an all in one scrolling action to walk you through various fruits and why you should eat them. See the website here