Do you laugh in your office?


Is your corporate wellness program a joke?


A workplace wellness program is not usually something to look forward to, or get excited about. However, office wellness is serious business. Health and wellness committees are designed to improve the health and well-being of employees, and thus the business itself. But what really helps employees feel like they’re invested in the program, and which corporate initiatives make a difference?

laughter-yoga1laughter-yogaWe’ve heard horror stories of ping-pong tables leading to pressure to stay and play late in the office, free beer initiating mild to severe employee drinking problems, and napping pods designed to keep staff from ever going home. Corporations sometimes forget that their staff are human beings. They should remember that their assets go up and down in the elevators every day. Many office workers are sleep deprived, depressed and stressed out. Some employees see their company’s wellness program as just another task to finish, or a tick sheet to complete in their spare time.

What if you could change that mentality by adding some fun into your corporate wellness program?  ‘Employee wellness’ and ‘fun’ don’t necessarily go together too often. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Laughing yoga is a simple exercise that encourages it’s participants to combine yogic breathing, with group laughter, and it really works. Participants initially feel a shy awkwardness towards laughing en mass in a fake and forced way. However, after a few minutes, the situation changes and bouts of belly-laughter ensue. Initially started in India by physician Dr. Madan Kataria, laughing yoga clubs are now finding a regular stage in many corporate wellness programs. If your Vancouver office is not ready to embrace it, there are clubs all around the lower mainland where you can partake – Find yours here.



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